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Security Technologies – Large Companies

Avantia is a company specialized in projects and implementation of integrated security systems, including cameras of video surveillance, smart software and the most modern devices in the market. Our solutions help avoiding losses and fighting incidents in the environment of a large company and its perimeter. Video surveillance solutions are ideal for surveillance in areas of restricted access, risk areas, parking lots or areas that require 24h monitoring.

Tecnologia em Segurança

Main Benefits:

  • Reduction of costs with team;
  • Reduction of losses by thievery or caused by security problems;
  • Increase of safety and security;
  • Real-time action in cases of incidents in the monitored environments;
  • Images and information available in media to help the decision-making.

The Service:

  • Project and Implementation of the Solution – Avantia projects, implements and maintains the solution. The components installed become customer’s property and maintenance of the solution is contracted through a service provision contract;
  • Maintenance of the Solution – Performed through service provision contract.

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