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Logic Infrastructure Solutions – Large Companies

Logic Infrastructure solution is composed by the group of channels of communication of the whole company. Through it, there is traffic of data, voice, images and all commands able to activate electronic devices to this solution. In a large company, the logic solution must consider all their needs in order to guarantee good functioning of the equipment used in the company and operation. Also, good functioning of logic infrastructure guaranteed productivity, assured by the efficacy of systems of alarms, control of processes and support to the work teams.

Infraestrutura Lógica

The area of logic infrastructure is one of Avantia’s specialties, giving the customer peace to take care of the services while a specialized partner supports his operation.

Main Benefits:

  • Reduction of losses caused by interruption or bad functioning of the logic infrastructure;
  • Team specialized in infrastructure;
  • Great availability of services;
  • Quality standard guaranteed by technical norms.

The Service:

  • Project and Implementation of the Solution – Avantia projects, implements and maintains the electric infrastructure. The components installed become customer’s property and maintenance of the solution is contracted through a service provision contract;
  • Implantation of the Solution – Avantia receives the customer’s property project, implements and maintains the solution. The installed components become customer’s property and maintenance of the solution is contracted by a service provision contract;
  • Maintenance of the Solution – Performed through service provision contract.

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