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Electric Infrastructure Solutions – Large Companies

Electric infrastructure solution is essential for large companies, where interruptions in the electric system must be avoided and expenses with energy should be reduced. Electric infrastructure is one of the main critical topics when guaranteeing the functioning of the business, because it involves from the illumination and power equipment to informatics and telecommunication networks. An infrastructure that meets the quality standards helps preventing damages to the equipment and avoids physical and patrimony risks, able to cause losses.

Infraestrutura Elétrica

The area of electric infrastructure is one of Avantia’s specialties, since its portfolio is full of cases from large and medium companies, giving the customer peace to take care of the services while a specialized partner supports his operation.

Main Benefits:

  • Reduction of costs caused by energy waste;
  • Reduction of losses caused by interruptions originated from improper infrastructure;
  • Increased equipment life;
  • Decrease of physical and patrimony accidents;
  • Quality standard guaranteed by technical norms.

The Service:  

  • Project and Implementation of the Solution – Avantia projects, implements and maintains the electric infrastructure. The components installed become customer’s property and maintenance of the solution is contracted through a service provision contract;
  • Implantation of the Solution – Avantia receives the customer’s property project, implements and maintains the solution. The installed components become customer’s property and maintenance of the solution is contracted by way of service provision;
  • Maintenance of the Solution – Performed through service provision contract.

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