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Data Center Facilities – Large Companies

Data Center is the heart of computer systems of an organization. All equipment responsible for controlling, managing, processing and storing data and communication are in it.

Instalações de Data Center

In a large company, the Data Center guarantees the cost reduction assuring the continuity of the operation, physical security of data and loss prevention caused by damages in the equipment of network control and service. It is important that the Data Center Facilities are treated by experts on the subject and by a company that you can trust, like Avantia, so the company can focus on providing services.

Main Benefits:

  • Reduction of losses caused by interruptions or bad functioning due to improper facilities;
  • Increase of productivity due to greater service availability;
  • Security of data and information in a proper environment of restrict access;
  • Quality standard guaranteed by technical norms.

The Service:

  • Implementation of the Solution – Avantia implements and maintains the solution. The components installed become the customer’s property and maintenance of the solution is contracted through a service provision contract.
  • Maintenance of the Solution – Performed through service provision contract.

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