Building Maintenance – Industry

Providing maintenance of building facilities of an organization is the best way to avoid costs from cumulative damages in a building. The components of a building facility need preventive and corrective maintenance, such as electric systems, including substations, telecommunication, refrigeration and hydro-sanitary systems. Especially in industries, where the facilities are subject to conditions that require greater care, the building maintenance helps reducing costs and guaranteeing better security.

Manutencao Predial

    Main Benefits:

  • Reduction of costs with increased lifespan of the facilities;
  • Anticipation of problems that may cause operating or personal losses;
  • Proactivity with reduction of failures presented in the facilities;
  • Preservation of the corporate environment and work safety.

    The service:

  • Building Maintenance is performed through service provision contract of specific time, agreed between Avantia and its customer

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