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Building Automation – Large Companies

Building Automation includes technology that allows automation of routines and tasks execution of a company. In order to do so, electronic and electric devices and software, precisely substitute some activities that require human action. In large companies, building automation is an important element to turn on and off machines, refrigerated air system, water pumping system and other utilitarian systems, such as substations, fire prevention systems or illumination systems. It is also possible to integrate everything to the systems of access control and CFTV to increase even more the benefits in costs and security.

    Main Benefits:

  • Reduction of energy costs. Turn systems on and off in a programmed way, such as refrigeration, energy or machines;
  • Reduction of costs with accidents, because human contact with risk devices is avoided;
  • More comfort and safety. Control the environments using information systems;
  • Speed and mobility when setting devices.

    The Service:

  • Project and Implementation of the Solution – Avantia projects, implements and maintains the solution. The components installed become the customer’s property and maintenance of the solution is contracted through a service provision contract.
  • Maintenance of the Solution – Performed through service provision contract.

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