Civil Construction

AMS – Avantia Monitoring System for Civil Construction

In an innovative way, the AMS (Avantia Monitoring System) places itself in the construction market as a platform responsible for monitoring and managing every kind of event or device, combining intelligent video detection events.

Through the command and control central, the AMS proactively manages the events, regardless the nature, through a predetermined script between the customer and Avantia, where it is possible to establish rules of actions.

Now, civil engineering counts on a tool able to reduce costs and losses and optimize the existing processes, promoting more safety and efficacy on the actions.

In a construction site there is a very intense dynamic. The entrance and exit of vehicles to deliver materials, the access of outsourced workers and the high number of employees at predetermined periods allows security breaches, including the facility of invaders to break in. It all can be eliminated with AMS, which enables monitor perimeter invasion, recognition of vehicle license plate through OCR, identification of entry and exit volume        in trucks, counting people and analyzing their behaviors.

With AMS, Avantia keeps its eyes at constructions sites, allowing the customer to also have the condition of accessing the images online, provided by different construction sites.

Principais Benefícios do AMS:

Reduction of costs and losses;

Proactivity with a security system in real time – be better prepared to anticipate decisions;

Controlling processes through analytical videos, promoting alarms every time something happens based on predefined rules;

Turn-Key Solution in Hardware and Software does not require investments in fixed assets;

Operational Efficacy with the company focusing on your business and leaving technology in the hands of Avantia’s experts;

24-hour online services, besides maintenance and upgrade.

AMS is not a product, it is a solution platform to reduce costs, losses and improve the efficacy of the customer.

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