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AMS – Avantia Monitoring System – Hospital Sector

AMS – AVANTIA MONITORING SYSTEM FOR THE HOSPITAL SECTOR is a service that includes alarm monitoring, visualization of environments with incidents and the respective treatment process of each event. With AMS, your organization in the area of health can monitor the access to restricted environments, such as medicine stocks, laboratories or procedure rooms, besides lobbies and receptions. AMS also allows the follow-up of patients through monitoring, in hospital and residential environments.

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What are the main benefits of the AMS?

Reduction of costs and losses;

Proactivity – Have a real-time security system and be well-prepared to anticipate decisions;

Turn-Key solution in Hardware and Software – It doesn’t require investments in fixed assets;

Operational Efficacy – Focus on your business and let Security Technology on the hands of Avantia’s experts;

Elimination of internal corruption risk – The tracking process is performed by independent and high standard professionals;

Services following the SaaS model –Security as a Service technology;

24h online services, besides maintenance and upgrade;

Risk reduction in public buildings.

Ways to provide services:

  • Equipment provided by Avantia

    In this modality, Avantia provides the equipment with a lease contract, benefiting the customer with the non-immobilization of resources to purchase equipment and hire a technical team. With this option, the customer enjoys a high level service and monitoring in a specialized Service Center, with a team of experts whose greater mission is to take care of the customer’s safety.

  • Customer’s Equipment

    If the customer already has the equipment, they are connected to the gateway of Avantia. Tracking points chosen by the customer will have the treatment of events made by the Avantia Tracking Service Center.

  • Customer Legacy Equipment with Leased Expansion to Avantia

    The customer can also maintain his legacy and expand by renting equipment from Avantia. In this modality, the AMS will be integrated to the existing platform, or the customer may choose to simply receive new points of image capture, with equipment provided by Avantia.

How the AMS works for the hospital sector:

Avantia Tracking Service Center has experts on security tracking responsible for analyzing information of the AMS and treating alarms according to the operational procedures defined with the customer.

With AMS, the customer can define which critical spots should be monitored. For example, it is possible to choose some CFTV cameras, specific alarm sensors of temperature, doors opening or closing or other electronic devices in the company systems.

The alarms originated in the devices are analyzed in the gateway installed in the customer and forwarded directly to the tracking center. The operator receives the sign and treats the event and it is also possible to visualize images of the place of occurrence, if there is a camera installed in the surroundings.

Among the actions defined by the customer, it is possible to include calls to communicate alerts by phone, mobile or SMS. Besides, the system provides daily, weekly and monthly reports.

How to Contract the AMS:

The contract of the AMS is through the SaaS model (Security as a Service technology), and it may include hardware and software solution, installation and service of tracking and maintenance of equipment and software.

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